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Where is she?

I've been sort of in the hiding from cyber world.  The Lord has been calling me to a more "simple" and focused life.  A more focused life in tending to my family and not to consume my mind with "what am I going to post on next" on my blogs or what is going on in "so and so's" life.  I haven't been on Facebook, either.   I don't know why, but I am growing a dislike for it.    I guess it's because the Lord really doesn't want me to lose focus on what matters in my "real" life and no need to be in other's business.  Not that blogs and blogging are a bad thing, but I personally, get so consumed with what I've read online or who is doing what and I personally beat myself up because I am not like the people's lives online.  I know I sound pretty pathetic, but it's true.   

It also takes lots of time and mental/physical energies to care for my large family.  Every minute I am spent typing a post or visiting other blogs my kids are running around and yes, they get into lots of stuff.  Then I get off the computer and am mad because the house is now wrecked.  This is how it use to be until the Lord led me to only post once a week and only in the early morning hours.....not in the middle of the day.  This worked out pretty well, but then I felt a desire not to even want to post or visit blogs or Facebook.   The Lord again bringing my life into a more simple and less distracted life (it is more in the mind than in my actual physical life).  

There are many times where I feel like if I could spend a season of my life living in the mountains where there are no computers, emails, facebook, blogs, and phones.  I think of how peaceful life would be and I wouldn't even know what was going on in anyone's life other than meditating on the Lord and His word.  And only as He led me, I would minister, call or visit friends.  I realized that I can do this right now in my life with self control.  I can turn my phone off during the day and as I needed check my emails and surf the net.   What stuff I could get accomplished and what I can personally learn from him and not try to imitate someone elses life but allow the Lord to teach me.    

I am reminded of the scripture in 1 Timothy 5:13 which says: 

"Besides, they get into the habit of being idle and going about from house to house.  And not only do they become idlers, but also gossips and busybodies, saying things they ought not to. "

I know this is speaking of young widows, but I have applied  it in my life.  I remember there was a time where I spent many hours on the phone or going to friends homes to have play groups.  It seemed like because I was home I had a "liberty" to be away from my task at hand (caring for my home and children) and it took me away from my calling as a mother.  I have found the same was happening to me with the computer.  I realized that I was taking that same liberty of being at home and wasn't tending to my task at hand.  I felt like I was going from "blog to blog to facebook".  

I know there are many stay at home moms who have such awesome info on their blogs and I love visiting many of these because I get lots of great tips.  Many of the blogs are ministries and I admire this.   But even this the Lord is saying to come to him first for information and not run to google, blogs, or the next self help book on how to raise a family or children.   

Sooo....... for my own "protection" and care for my heart and mind, I am backing up from posting and visiting and being on the computer much.  On occasion I will probably post and visit your blogs but not like I use to.  I just have to deal with things that are very personal and as the Lord leads me to write or share or even visit other's blogs than I will.  So.....If I stay away from my own blog or from visiting yours, please know that I am obeying the Lord and becoming a stronger woman, mother, and wife for it.  Maybe there will be a time I will resume posting on a more consistent basis or visiting more often.   All this will be as the Lord leads.  

Blessings to you all and I hope to update my blog with some pictures and the happenings of the this summer.  

Till next time, 


PS....Just to let you know that as I was posting this post, I had just placed fries to bake in the oven and I of course FORGOT all about them and smelled the smoke of them burning.  I pulled out the charcoaled fries and thought.....yep, I do need to not be distracted by the computer.  God has so much to teach me.  Oh boy!!  :)  LOL


So proud of you for obeying the Lord! Of course I will miss you, but I totally understand and support you! We have all of "eternity" to catch up and talk! Our hearts will always be knit together because of our love for the Father, our husband's and our children! God Bless you Chris!

Much love, your cyber friend,
I just did a devotion on this exact topic. I am finally feeling free of the pull and not feeling like I have to be "caught up". It feels good to have the balance. I can totally relate to this.

I'm not thinking about it all the time which is so freeing. I'm so thankful that God got my attention before I missed so much with my family.

I admire and respect you, although I do and will miss you my friend!
YOU will be missed, but I am so blessed by your obedience. I often fast FB or fast reading other blogs, because of the distraction, too. I am getting a chance to read some blogs tonight, because I have a tummy ache, so I can lay in bed for awhile and do nothing, hee hee. Take care of yourself, girlee. LOVE YOU!

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