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No Audio or typed blogging this week

Guess what.... I won't be blogging (audio or typed) at all this week due to the busyness of the week. I really thought I was going to do a typed post on the weekend, but I never got around to it. Sorry. :) I have the children's homeschool evaluations this week, Thursday, so I am going to spend the time I would spend recording my audio, to put together their portfolios. Fun!! Actually, be praying that all goes well. I tend to get a bit nervous when the evaluator comes, even though she is an amazing, Godly woman who would never say anything negative....But the thought always crosses my mind that there just might be a first, beginning with me. Anyway.....I might do a recording on Friday so stay tuned. Well.... hope your week is filled with love, joy, and much peace!! Lets stay connected and remember you can go back and "listen" to this past week of recordings I did. Listen in to some of my testimony. :) Love ya much, Chris

Making a Birthday call to my husband... and some chat

Today is my husband's 36th BIRTHDAY!! (This morning as we are about to eat pancakes, sausage, and eggs for breakfast...) I have fun calling him at work ha ha.... Listen in I am not planning on recording this weekend but doing a regular typed post with pics... soooo stay tuned

My Testimony Part 7 & Turning Bad days into Good part 2

Yikes!! This one is longer. REMEMBER click play and use me as background noise while you surf the net or do stuff around your house. I actually cleaned one of my bookshelves (behind me in the pic) while I listened to myself all the way through. In this audio, I go into how to carefully love those who are not living right. I share from experience! :) I think now we are getting to the good parts of my testimony.... Happy Listening (One of the book shelves is straight. The one directly behind me still needs some love and care--and that is why it is "hidden"...LOL!)

My Testimony Part 6 & Turning Bad Days into Good Part 1

I think I am sharing my life story... Thanks for sticking with me through it all! ha ha And to those who might be listening LEAVE A COMMENT don't be shy so I can communicate with you a bit on my "talk show" So far... Mrs. Taffy is my only participant. Who I love and know she is enjoying the interaction! :) Enjoy the Show!!

My Testimony Part 5 and a little more chatting

The chatting continues Today I went a little over to around the 4:30 mark Remember to use me as background noise! Hoping tomorrow I will have a new topic to discuss Till then....HAPPY LISTENING Did you notice: I took a bunch of pictures the same day just different poses....ha ha ha

My Testimony Part 4 and Bathroom Maintenance 3

Our conversation continues.... Truly... I feel like I am chatting away with my friends.... especially you Mrs. Taffy.... ha ha ha This recording is actually at the 3:51 mark even though the player shows it going over 4 minutes Don't let that fool ya!! So I cut it down even more REMEMBER keep the questions coming and if you visit here DO CLICK PLAY and join in on the FUN interaction ! Kole being silly behind me! Remember to ignore the unorganized book shelf!

My Testimony Part 3 and Bathroom Maintenance Part 2

It is even shorter today! I think I am getting the hang of this thing now. My goal is for it to be short and sweet, yet still encouraging and fun. Like my new pic ha ha this is me with my glasses and all made up. Most of my pictures have been taken with NO makeup fresh out of bed. ha ha REMEMBER use me as BACK GROUND NOISE while you surf the net or check your mail I welcome ALL comments Lets have fun with this interaction....

My Testimony Part 2 and Bathroom Maintenance

I got it down to under 5 minutes Yay!! And I want to mention that I will also do typed posts on occasion so even if you don't listen everyday I record do come back to read. Oh, and you know you can still surf the net if you are listening to me I know my computer lets me do this. Just put me as you background noise.....LOL!! Please do ignore the mess behind me.... project still in the works!! Donnie's office needs some love. Hopefully I will get it done this weekend just don't keep me to my words Love ya

My Testimony Part 1--audio

I hope this isn't to long.... It is hard to keep down to a decent time. I am hoping you guys are enjoying chatting with me Please send me comments or chat topics! Chris

More of me Audio...Good Morning!

Good Morning Can you believe it....I made another recording this morning. This is a bit longer...I think like 10 minutes. So if you listen, maybe you can get up and move around, fold clothes, make a sandwich or go web surfing while listening to my talk. I decided that I will be posting these on this blog not my Managing My Home blog.... So keep coming back HERE for more! Enjoy and leave your questions and feedback..... This is me this morning.... Ignore the green screen in the back... Donnie was busy working last night

A Thumb Nail of my Month!

Ephraim (Aka "Ephee") hanging out! I am still missing in action...... well sorta.....I decided to post a few thumbnails of my month. I can't go into great details since I am not going to take the time and type it out. I would be here for hours and so would you!! For you to really get the gist of what is "really" going on in my personal life, you would need to sit down and have a nice hot cup of coffee preferably at a Starbucks or Barnie' pick.... I'm not to picky really. :) So where do I begin.....hmmmmmm....... How about some pictures of the kids enjoying themselves? Kole Justin with his buddy Tyler Silly Teens!! Galen high up in the tree I don't know who took this picture and didn't know he was up this high! No Make up on me this day!! Yikes! I am so glad my honey loves me even when I look like this..... :) At Mema's and Pops getting ready to hunt for Easter Eggs. Ana trying to eat the egg Mo