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My Testimony Part 7 & Turning Bad days into Good part 2

This one is longer.

click play and use me as background noise
while you surf the net or do stuff around your house.

I actually cleaned one of my bookshelves (behind me in the pic)
while I listened to myself all the way through.

In this audio, I go into how to carefully love those who
are not living right.
I share from experience!

I think now we are getting to the good parts of my testimony....

Happy Listening

(One of the book shelves is straight. The one directly behind me still needs
some love and care--and that is why it is "hidden"...LOL!)


Well, you have a good number of followers...I don't know why they aren't saying anything! :o) Too shy maybe. :o)

Really you can call me either: Mrs. Taffy or Carissa. It's nice to hear my real name once in a while. All I hear is Momma and Babe. lol I forget I have a real name sometimes! Can you relate?

Your bookshelf looks great!

I love the scripture about God's kindness leading us to repentance, it's not that we deserve kindness, but He gives it to us anyway and in that kindness we can't help but return the love! I'm glad that person didn't turn you off from the Lord all together.

I think we are still the same temp as you...I heart the air-conditioner!

You sound exactly like I thought you would....Pretty voice, Sista!!!!

Thanks for sharing with us. You are so open.

"The Holy Spirit brings on conviction."


Great audio, Sista. Love ya.

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