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Let's Celebrate!

Guess what I'm NOT doing right now....

the laundry

the dishes

i'm typing this post...
:)'s been one of those days and it's already late....
I feel like nothing has been accomplished.....ugh!!
It's ok....i am not going to let this bring me down

This whole month has been filled with lazy summer days.
Rising late, staying up late, playing, chatting with friends....

here I am doing what I like to do best 

This past weekend
My son Justin turned 16 and we threw him that surprise party I mentioned.

 he looks quite confused
why are my friend here?

Yep, he was surprised. 
It was perfect weather. A bit humid but nice and sunscreen....
no burns and lots of hours spent playing, EATING, and chatting away till late....

 friends ran out to greet him

what are you doing here?

friends squirting him with squirt guns

he's saying "whoa"

He had a blast!

played some b-ball

opened gifts

swam with friends

ate lots of junk food

friend Ryan
who's he's known since he was 3 yrs.

friend Carson holding Ephraim
also childhood friend since 3yrs

some of the parents hanging out

kole "swimmin it safe" by the stairs

my little fishies

my little dolphin

moriah chowin down

the girls, ephee, and hannah (a friend)

my other little dolphin

she's only 16 months and she was throwing herself in
thank god for water wings

daddy and ana chillin as the sun goes down

Staying so late caused us to be locked in....trapped like prisoners. 
ha ha

 us behind bars

My friend who let us use her community pool didn't realize her funky little gate that keeps "non-residents" out of the pool area locks up right at 9 pm for all residents! We had her sensor key but that wouldn't work. Yep, it locks up for all residents at the 9 pm hour.
Oh bother!!! What sort of community is this.....please!

when we started to pack up to leave around 9:05 pm we couldn't get out!!
We finally got a hold of a resident who is rather "important"....
(i guess in the neighborhood).

He was one of the few who had a 24 hours sensor key to unlock the gate...
(he seemed quite bothered by our stupidity...this is what I sensed, especially when he didn't even say " no problem" after we all said "thank you")

Alright.....ok....stop the complaining......
he did rescue us and spared us from having to do a pole vault over the fence....
that would have been some sight....
ha ha

The following day we celebrated Justin's "real birth DAY" and Father's day!

 daddy sittin in church

Woke up early and cooked a nice big breakfast for everyone
then off to church to watch Shiloh perform his little song.
how sweet!! :)  
Yeah...I teared up

Shiloh is the third from the left

singing his heart out to Jesus 

Later on that evening
Donnie, Justin, and I went out for some Japanese

Justin chose the restaurant

mmmmm raw fish

looks pretty doesn't it?

 donnie didn't know what he ordered....

guess what honey?
raw fish....yum

ok we'll see how it tastes...

so what do you think?
rubbery, slimey?
actually it was pretty good....I had my bite

We had such a fun time! 
We even had a little furry visitor....

why do cats always hang out near Asian restaurants?
hmmm...don't wanna know

my plans all worked out and everyone enjoyed

We had such a wonderful weekend
It was so awesome to see all of us having such fun and laughing....

I loved hanging out with all those teen boys too

 the gang throwing justin into the pool

some wild friends taping each other to the tables
oh my!

Oh and before I let you go....
Guess what?
I weighed myself this past Saturday...
I lost 5 pounds!
That made my day!

I have to work off all the pizza, cake, soda, m&m's, pancakes and noodle bowl
I ate this weekend.

I hope I didn't gain any back.
and hoping to lose another 5 pounds this week...
we'll see...


Unknown said…
Oh man!! That food scares me!! I have always had this thing about seafood. I think it's going to get up and walk right off my plate!! Happy birthday to your son.
Cinnamon said…
What an awesome day that looked like. I love the entire day, the friends, the surprise, the fun, the food!! What a great memory~

momto9 said…
so fun! I'm glad to see your plans worked out! 16 is so special! Is he getting his licence now?
The party looked like a smashing success! I can't believe you all got locked in. Too funny!

I would not do well with raw fish. I hate fish period, but raw! Ugh!
Anonymous said…
Ah yes, I have been enjoying the summer myself. Swimming, eating watermelon, swinging in the hamick outside...

Great pictures!

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