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Mother's Feet

I wanted to share some pictures of my feet. Why my feet? Because they hurt so bad at the end of the day. Actually, these shoes I am wearing are what save my feet at the end of the day. I desperately need new ones, but when money is a bit tight, I usually pass my wants or needs up and buy for others rather than myself. Don't we all.... :) These shoes have a few names....muffins, duck shoes, and I call them my brain shoes... Truly, when I have these on....I think much better. Soooo...when I seem lost, confused, and not "right", the kids remind me "Mom, where are your shoes?"

So I wrote this little something. Call it a poem or what have you. (ok...I'm not the poet). This isn't about the "shoes" but about my feet....actually Mother's Feet. As the years go by with no pedicure money or time to pamper.....some feet tend to look a bit rough. I actually have the rough feet. I try to keep the toe nails polished but that is it!

Mother's Feet

So worn

so calloused

so tired

so beat

all day they

chase babies

walk from room to room

walk from car to stores

they hold mother up during

household chores..

they never seem

to rest

to take a nap

to say

no more

but they

won't stop


there's always

work in store

Mother's Feet

help her





These stand

in the midst of



and many



Nice! My best shoes hoo! Love your poem! You are poetic!
That was totally poetic, Sista!!!

"These stand in the midst of trials, joys, and many victories..." My fave line.

Loved this perspective and you have some cute toesies! Come to CALI and we can give eachother pedi's!

I have been wearing tennis shoes instead of my regular flip flops. My feet hurt less at the end of the day. I hate wearing tennis shoes. I think they are ugly, but comfort is winning out!

I also hate the tennis shoes with skirts look. So I make sure I change before I leave the house! Sometimes I'm in a hurry and forget though. How in embarrassing!

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