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My Friday Friends...

Me with  Faye and Lena

 For the past few months on Friday afternoons, 
I have been meeting up with two fantastic ladies.
These women have touched my heart in so many ways I can't even explain. 
Both of them are women who love the Lord and hunger for for more of Him in their lives.

Me, being the youngest of the three, have gained so much wisdom from them. 

Faye and Lena

The older of us three is like a mother figure to me, 
her name is Faye.  

She is an amazing woman who has so much wisdom to offer.  
I have bonded with her closely
and am so thankful for God bringing her into my life. 

She has a blog...
so if you want to check her out....go on over to visit her here.

Then there's my sweet friend Lena...
You know she's moving next week??? 
I am a bit sad this week because her move.  

I don't know what I'll do without Lena checking up on me. 
She is an amazing woman who is probably one of the biggest givers I know.
She serves like Jesus. 

I truly have learned so much more about the Love of the Christ 
through watching her serve me 
and serve many others.  

She truly has been an inspiration and I feel so blessed to have her as one of my
greatest friends

Tonight we are all getting together for her send off party. 

Boy oh boy....I am going to miss my friend so very much.  :(  
I know we'll still keep in touch through phone and email but it's still not the same..
so I've been a little sad :( 

A few weeks back, Faye made a delicious lunch for us
We usually meet at a coffee shop so this time was so very special to me. 

The table was so beautifully set!!

It was very nice to sit, relax, and chat for hours. 
I think we stayed for at least 4 hours.

My joke with them is
"I NEVER leave my children....I'm always home with them."
  Ha ha... 

Thank God for wonderful built in sitters, Justin and the girls.  :)

Lena and Faye laughed at me because I was taking these pictures of our lunch....

I think it was so very nice and absolutely beautiful!!

Faye made a wonderful summer chicken salad
with fresh fruit....delish..

And for a drink....
it wasn't just plain sweet ice tea
Oh no not with Faye..
it was a peachy, mangoish ice tea....
I forgot the exact flavor
It was yummmmmmy!

It is so wonderful to have such great friends...


Sara L said…
So nice to see their picture! Man I miss ya'all. And the lunch looks restaurant perfect - yum!
Coby said…
Looks like a lovely time! How wonderful to have friends - sisters in Christ! - you can learn from and have amazing fellowship with!
99ToGo said…
Good friends are such a blessing! I meet with a group of ladies from church each week, and they are such a wonderful part of my life. Girlfriends are truly a gift from God. I hope you'll be able to keep up with Lena online! Some friends who are out of town seem so close by, just b/c I see what's going on with them through blogs or Facebook!

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