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My Mindless Activity....

Do any of you have those mindless times spent doing something that really doesn't matter?  

Just wasting time...vegging....being mindless? 

Yeah....I've been doing this lately in the evenings after the little ones are all tucked away in their little beds.

  But I'm not alone though... 
My husband joins me along with the older two, Moriah and Justin.'s rather fun.  

Years ago we decided to get rid of cable TV.

I thought it was just plain ole mindless...
waste-less time....
Nothing fruitful or fulfilling about it.  

Plus we rots minds!!
Ha ha.
Now don't get me wrong I would still get free TV via the antenna and watch PBS or our local stations to watch local news.  

I just didn't care for cable. 
Actually, I still don't care for it.  

But now...
since the old antenna ways of watching t.v. are long gone
and now have access of other technical gadgets our television viewing has taken on another form....

We do have good ole Netflix via my son's PS3 system 
Hulu via the computer.

Yep...Netflix sent us a disk and now we can stream in any sort of movie and even tv shows we select to watch.  

I like this better actually because we can monitor the watching and select only those shows we choose to watch.  

Yeah....I know it still is "t.v. watching"....but more monitored. 

Anyway....where was I? 

Oh yeah....
mindless, senseless activities we've been doing lately for the past few months. after the little ones are tucked away, 
books and bible read, 
kisses goodnight....

Donnie, Justin, Moriah and I grab our blankets to cuddle with and watch back to back episodes of the LOST series. 

On this night we're watching on the computer

Has anyone watched this strange and weird show?

I remember years ago it came out and I sorta was interested in it but then decided it was a waste of my time and why bother.

So here I am 6 years later with my teen children and husband watching this show via Netflix. 
I gotta laugh.....ha ha!!

  Fridays are our marathon watching night. :)
  Oh yeah baby.... 

I think the most we've watched in one night is 5 episodes and gone to bed way past 3 AM.  
I know....mindless....right? 
ha ha. 

My brain was a bit veggie stir-fried....
I don't think I can do that much in one night. 
so can something mindless fry my brain??? 

this room was dark and they didn't know I was taking this pic that's why no smiles from the rest

Anyway....we're really getting into this show. 

What I like the most is the discussions we are having afterward. 
No.....we aren't discussing it's biblical worldview or anything like that,
even though it has it's spiritual type stuff intertwined. 

We just discuss what we think might take place next in this interesting sci-fi saga.  

Sometimes even Donnie and I will lay in bed and discuss what we think might happen.
  I know....sorta a weird teenage way.

So my point is....
mindless, senseless activities can still be a moment of time in our lives that we will treasure.

  When we are older and the kids are grown with their own children...
we'll sit and laugh about the times we cuddled on the couch and watched hours of LOST.  

I think we have season of all sorts..... 

I am coming to realize that life is meant to enjoy even if sometimes we spend a little time watching some senseless show.  

Memories are truly what we make them...

Just as a warning....
this is a TV-14 show and there is some language and scenes we had to fast-forward on
This isn't a family friendly show.  Before watching this with 
our oldest children my husband and I discussed how it would take place in a responsible way.

Knowing some families would never allow this sort of show in their home.  This by no means makes us
any lesser of a Christian.  You do as God leads and allows for your own families.  

In times past I have judged families for choices they had made regarding their families. 
I personally feel I was WRONG for ever judging another.  The Lord has taught me much about this.  

God is the only Judge! :)



Mikki said…
We do the same thing.
We didn't have cable for two years and now we have it for a little while while Nascar is on cable tv ( my hubby and daughter love racing)

When we didn't have cable we watched netflix and Hulu a lot.

We've had a lot of great family memories just hanging out and laughing.
Hello my friend! Praying for you...It sounds like you have the right attitude anyway. Maybe you'll be closer to my parents so when we come visit next year we'll be able to visit you too! Hoping...hoping...HUGS!

And, regarding LOST! I could never get into that show, but when Laffy Taffy was born Mike and I watched seasons 2-5 of 24, we got them from the library. It was SO fun! Laying in bed, recovering from delivery, nursing baby, eating chips and salsa--great memories!

love and hugs!
Anonymous said…
I see what you mean. If I didn't learn to watch TV or movies I think I would have no relationship with hubby or the kids on family day. I try to just enjoy it now.

God Bless you!
Heehee!! Yeah.. I know at night Heehee I always here you guys talking about LOST what next is going to happen! LOL! When I'm all grown up have kids,and husband. We are probably going to always visit you and Daddy! :D Heehee!!!
Anonymous said…
Umm... Sorry everyone!! That was me on my Moms account who wrote the comment, with the Heehee first. That was me just to let you know! :D
Amanda said…
I love the last picture of you all curled up on the lounge, together as a family! Treasure these days!

Isn't sad how we feel a little vulnerable when we talk about such things as watching a TV show, on our blogs?! Christians can be so terrible when it comes to judging another. I think we beat the worldly folk on this hands down.

I haven't watched this series (maybe the first couple of episodes). We have a TV but I don't watch it often because I would rather jump on the computer. I love to curl up with my family though, and watch a good dvd. We enjoy Colombo, or Midsomer Murders.

I love to see a family enjoying precious time together.

Bless you for visiting my blog. I am so GLAD I *met* you!
I love Netflix and we use our local library a lot. We don't have cable and I love it!

My favorite "vegging" movies are "Larkrise and Candleford" (BBC). You can get them on Netlflix and it is safe for the whole family!
Loved your warning, Chris. So true!

We did no cable for awhile while we are on the mountain, but can't watch football without cable. However, we monitor what our children watch very diligently. So much so, that our TV is programmed to not allow any shows that aren't G or Youth appropriate to be able to come on without Tim or I unblocking it with a password. Our children aren't allowed to watch pretty much anything on TV, but it is nice having some of the kids channels and discovery channels available. Cable, Movies, Etc...same difference, we are watching TV, but it is what you are watching that matters.

My husband has a show he watches once a week with our older 2. It is a reality show called First 48, which is about detectives and the work they do within the first 48 hours of a homicide. The kids love spending this time with Dad and it gives me a little quiet time to myself.

Miss ya and love ya!
Nicholl said…
Recently said goodbye to cable in our home. Funny, I rarely watched TV, but the man of the house looks like he is taking it a little hard. I told him, "Consider this, you were paying for someone else to dictate to you what you should watch." It's so true--media mind control.

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