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A Peek into my Abode

Let me give you some history of the places we have lived since being married with children. 

We started off in a one bedroom apartment...lived there for one year.  

The following year we moved into a two bedroom mobile home....again stayed there about one year. 

We then moved into university married housing (we were students)....another small two bedroom apartment....
it was around 500 sq ft...lived there about 2 years. 

After graduation we moved into a nice, new three bedroom/2 bath apartment. 
We lived there about 1 year and then bought our first home.  

Our first home was a cute little three bedroom/1 bathroom home around 900sq ft.  
We were paying a very low mortgage (sorta wished we still had that payment). 
We lived in that home almost 5 years.  
Had 4 of the children in that home (no didn't give birth know what I mean).  

We then decided to "move up" in size of home and into a nicer neighborhood. 
uh..huh...moving on the eastside (remember the Jeffersons...ha ha)
actually we moved to the northwest side...ha ha.  
The home we built was nice.  
Had beautiful wood floors...
It was a nice size of 2200 sq ft./ two bathrooms

But you know what??
  I didn't really care for the cookie cutter neighborhood. 
I really thought I was going to like it but never really got use to it.

  Actually our time in that home was not something I want to remember. 
I felt trapped in this museum with no furniture. 

You see....right after we bought this home my husband began a career in full time real estate.
  This was when the housing market looked profitable.

The downside was that we never thought two hurricanes would hit Florida that year and shortly after.....
the housing market began to plummet.  
Not good!! 

Anyway....the profits we had saved from the sell of our old house had to be spent and 6 months after our moving in....
Out of the house that is... ha ha!!  

Donnie got another job and worked it.  
We stayed in the house for another year.

You know what???

I learned so much about life during that stay in my "summer home".  
I don't know why I call it a "summer home".  
I guess because it always felt like summer there.  

For was hot all the time...yeah, even in the winter and it never felt like it was my "home".
  I did give birth to two beautiful boys in the bathtub there.  
So I guess that's the ONLY thing I think is meaningful about that house.

  Anyway....  we finally sold the house to friends...thank God!!  
We immediately started looking for a place to rent and lo and behold this place came upon our path. 

I love the big front yard and the oak trees

  I fell in love with the house and the family that we are renting it from.  
Wonderful people!!  
  I really like living in this house. 
My house is in need of some transformation.  
I know that will come as the $$ comes in. 
I want to paint. 
Hang more pictures up on the walls. 

lots of different things. 

When you walk in you see this view
You look to the right and you see this room

So I'm hoping to revamp this place. 

I've also thought of us "maybe" buying this place. 
The location is excellent.  
5 minute drive to the grocery store and 10 minute drive to the Interstate.

Hallway leading down to the bedrooms.

our den

Dining area

My kitchen where all the action is...
homeschooling books
Office, and Donnie's studio (see the green screen)
the toy closet
My laundry room which needs some organizing --AGAIN!
My bedroom
All  5 boys sleep in this room
The girls room
The guest pics of my other was messy.

  The yard is a nice size and the kids love the neighbors. 

Our back porch
Right side of back yard
Left view of the back yard
My kids "rule" the neighborhood....which I like.  ha ha 

Our home is the "hang out"

I know that sounds weird but....What I mean is that they are a bigger influence here than not.  
Which I like much better than our last neighborhood.   

As for now we will remain in this home. 
I am living my life day by day not knowing what will happen tomorrow,
next week,
or next year. 

But I remain content in where we are right now.  

I am hoping that we will be able to stay here longer, but am willing with whatever may happen. 
It is uncertain with Donnie's business right now but it's OK....

God is showing up daily to reveal His providence and goodness in our lives.
  It's rather neat to experience this.  

So when I'm feeling down, stressed, and not sure....
I think of what He's done and is doing in my life. 
I might not know the bigger plan and picture but can rest in the fact that I am being taken care of 


So God continues to do amazing things in our lives. 

Like I said before I will be sharing how He is blessing us. 

I want to come to a place where I will appreciate and be thankful for even the littlest blessings He brings our way.
Like my friend giving me puzzles for the children.  

The day after the puzzles-- Friday:

I was sharing with Donnie about how I was blessed with the puzzles.  We were sharing how it has been so awesome how the Lord has been coming almost everyday and blessing us in one way or the other.  Just at that moment....Fed Ex pulls up (unexpected) and delivers a package.   Laughing and thinking maybe someone decided to send us "something" special.  Well it was special but it was a little something the kids had wanted.  Some sort of challenge coins they've wanted for their Civil Air Patrol (just something special for them)  Later that afternoon we received a letter from Donnie's old employer back in 2007 saying they owed us money!!  I know....right!!??  Out of the blue they said they owe us $600!!  We were floored and praise God so much!!  God is amazing!!

Then today:  

A friend of mine who is downsizing her business and home emailed me saying she had a few things for the kids, comforter sets for my bed (in need...go up and look at my bedroom again), a computer printer (which we needed) and a two COMPUTERS!!  Also something we need!!  Since Donnie is using the computer all day, the kids have to wait to do their assignments.  Blessings!!  So, so wonderful.  

The kids are also going to be on the local news again tonight and the newspaper for their Color Guard presentation they did today for the grand opening of a new hotel in town.  Pretty cool!!  

Life is good!!


Yay God! My heart is rejoicing with you! God is sooooo good!

Your house is beautiful Chris! Love it! Can't wait to come visit you in it someday! :o)
Cinnamon said…
Praise the Lord for hard times. They always reveal God so clearly to us!!

Chris, that is awesome! I know exactly what you mean about unexpected blessings happening at just the right time. I could write a list that goes on and on about that moments.

Your home is beautifully put together. It is huge! You are one blessed lady.
Unknown said…
I love your back porch. Our laundry rooms have much in common....a need to organize!! We also have the same computer! I have 5 girls in one room. Beautiful home.
Anonymous said…
I loved seeing your home. It looks like a wonderful place to have a family. I'm happy that God has blessed you with children who are the biggest influence. I want my home to be the hang-out spot where our influence can rule. That is such a blessing! It is wonderful to know how God continues to provide for your family. That is really neat. I like how you write Chris. Blessings! Love, Rosemi
Anonymous said…
I have a 'Sunshine Award' waiting for you at my blog because your kind comments have encouraged me.


Love, Rosemi
momto9 said…
I love your curret home. The layout seems great and I don't know what you mean about wanting to revamp it!? It looks great!
How wonderful about Gods provision!! So cool that you are staying in good spirts!

Wow, you weren't kidding. You do have a lot going on! I am excited to see what God's plan is for one of my favorite FL families!

And, looking at those pics, I have to say, I thought you said you didn't have decorating flair? Your front room is soo pretty!

Amanda said…
What a lovely home! I say home, because not all houses are a home. This IS a home!

I hope it works out that you can stay here as long as you would like too. The Lord knows the plans He has for you and your family.

I love the surprises you got in the mail... that's my God!! He loves to bless His children...

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