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My New Dwelling I think I can finally say we are all settled in.  

After lots of packing, cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning 
after my fingers worn down to the bone from scrubbing so many floors....
we are all settled in. 

We had lots of unpacking too, but not nearly as much as packing.

Plus we put half our house into a 10 x 15 storage unit....stacked wall to wall, ceiling to floor.

 So here we are at my in-laws and guess what...I love it!! 

the main house

I know...
I can't believe I'm actually saying this.  

  .....saying that I love it and that I don't mind not having my "own home".  

Yeah... I am so very thankful the grace of God is so amazingly great.  
All I can's by the grace of God that I am filled with thanksgiving and joy. 

I knew I would deep down.  
Even though part of me (before the move) had resistance to the move but when I realized that this was the path the Lord was taking our family,
I became more and more excited each day.  

We are all loving livin' out here.  

My in-laws are nestled right in the country on 3 acres and the kids love running and playing in the open country.  

It is so very peaceful.  :)

Justin captured this the other day at sun down

Cutting grass for his Mema

My oldest son has done his share of adventure seeking already.  
Justin and Shiloh were stung by a few bumble bees the other day....ouch.  

We also absolutely love our new little buddy Jack, the Boxer.
  He is so, so cute. 
He's like a kid himself....really.  
He climbs right on top of our laps (thats if we let him)
ha ha ha...  
My new child
 The nicest part of all this has been that Donnie is helping with the homeschooling.
  I know....another amazing blessing.  

Donnie teaching division

He's taking about 2-3 hours in the morning to teach the oldest four.
So now, I've become the "assistant teacher".
Love that!!  

A busy Monday morning

I just do the easier parts of teaching like helping with the workbooks and having the children read to me.  

So....while Donnie is busy teaching, I'm taking care of the little ones along with assisting any of the kids that need my help. 

I do this while putting in a load of laundry and picking up around the house.  

Ana waking from her morning nap
The main living areas all open up to each other so it makes everything very spacious. 
I can keep an eye out for everyone all at the same time.  

I've also been spending less time on the computer...
  I don't know if that's good or bad??

It's good because I'm getting lots done.  
I feel that living here has made me accountable to keeping the house in tip-top shape so my mom-in-law is blessed by our stay.  

My mom-in-law or as the kids call her, Mema is so very cool and loves having us here. 

She says she is so very happy we're here. 
This makes us feel so loved and even more blessed.  
She is truly an amazing woman. 
So very sweet and giving! 

And the bad is that I am not checking up on all you bloggy friends who I love dearly.  
If I haven't stopped by lately please understand you are not forgotten.  
You are always in my heart.  
I  have such a limited time on the computer that I have to pick certain blogs to visit per day.   

I haven't visited all of you faithfully since the move.
I don't know how much time I will have now with "new" living arrangements. 

So now for the moment you all are waiting for.....
the reavealing of my little place!! 

Here it is...
this little camper/trailer. 

Did you think it was going to be a little "Snow White" cottage? 
Ha ha ha! 

This little place is just for Donnie and I.....
and for a couple of the little boys.  

 It is so very nice in the evenings after all the kids are tucked in.   
 It's nice and quiet and feels like we're camping out..... just the two of us. 
The little boys (Ephee and Kole) are tucked in sleeping in the bunk so we don't hear one peep.

It is truly such a blessing to have this extra space. 
I know that if we didn't have this camper, we probably wouldn't have come to live here.  They purchased this camper for camping purposes less than a year ago. 
  I think it was all in God's perfect timing and plan! 

There is so much more I would love to ramble about but it is getting late and I need to get ready for bed. 

I'll come back and post when I have some extra time yet again and share pictures of my little place when it is put together. 
 Right now the bed is unmade and a few little things out of place. 
I want to give you a "nice" tour not the "messy camper" tour.  

Oh and I promise to visit your blogs whenever I have a spare moment. 
I love reading all those blogs on my side-bar and not much time lately.  
So please bare with me.  

Ok gotta run!!


Chris, it sounds like you are doing wonderful. Your post oozed of contentment. I'm so glad for you. The trailer is such a blessing. To have your own little niche that you can get away and just be with each other.

Keep hanging in there, Friend!
momto9 said…
Oh but it is a snow white cottage! It's white and small and parked in nature:)that in my book is a little cottage!
So what do you mean just for you and Donnie and a couple of boys....where do the rest sleep/live?
Amanda said…
oh wow! I love, love, love, your new living arrangements! I love the camper!! How special is that little retreat! I would gladly live in one if I had one!

I love your 'new' child. He is lovely lol. And your MIL sounds like treasure from Heaven.

I am so glad you are enjoying this wonderful time of blessing. I enjoyed reading this post and look forward to your next one!
Chris everything looks lovely! I'm sure your good attitude is contagious and the children are all having great attitudes too! You mother-in-law is a really special lady I think...Amazing!

Thanks for the update! I surely miss you but totally understand!

love and hugs,
Cinnamon said…
I love your new ~home~ and your post is just bubbling with excitement. I'm excited for you!

I love the pictures of the land. What a blessing to have for the littles to run around.

We lived in a camper that size for nearly 4 yrs. Whew, did we grow during that time :-) I had to laugh when I saw your boxes. We thought we had paired down our stuff. But slowly, over time, we got rid of even more "stuff". We ended up having ONE bin for each child and kept them outside. All my "kitchen" helpers were paired down to ONE kitchen helper.

Praise the Lord for His provision. What a blessing~

Anonymous said…
It's so nice to here from you. I do understand about limited computer time. I have been trying to limit as well.

Love you!
Cassandra said…
What a blessing to stil have your own little space. You sound very content. Love all the pics...
Cassanda xx

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