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It's All about Perspective

Let me see....hmmm what should I write about today? I'm just going to ramble on I guess and see what comes out.  I just left two huge baskets of laundry that I need to get back to and fold.  How did I get so distracted?  Oh oldest son wanted to show me something on the computer and once he was off I jumped on for "just a minute" to check my emails.  ha ha...  Actually I haven't checked them in a few days...yikes!  So here I am about 30 minutes later and does that happen!?  Distractions from someone who is still trying to "master" staying on task. Just a few tid bits of info about the business.  The business is still alive and working.  We just need to make some "money".  This has been a bit hard.   Donnie took an evening job making telemarketing calls.  The upside is that we are making money with this but the downside is that he has to work every evening until 10pm.  Not fun.  At least I have Mema to keep me company oh ye

Designed Destination's been some days since I last posted.  I really haven't had the desire to blog and I haven't had much time to sit and visit all you bloggy friends.  Sorry about that! Yesterday, was not a good day. You know....this sometimes hits me like a wave.  I'll have really good optimistic days (as I call them), up days...happy days.  Then there are those days where I feel like everything around me is about to come to ruin.  This is when the Lord speaks to my heart in ways only He can.  I know that He would never let me go.  Even in the midst of feeling despair.....(And that's what it is....a "feeling") He is ever so merciful and so forgiving and brings me right back on His course for my life. Thank God for that.  Anyway....This whole journey is making me look at what is "our purpose" in all of this.... plus what is the purpose for this life we are living.  Sometimes I can get so downright pessimistic about this journey.  When I am feeling th

Expressing My Heart...

Hello my fellow blog friends or sisters rather. I feel good about calling you sisters because when you are reading up on my life, I know you are praying for me.  You even might have a thought of me during the day.  I know because I think of you all often.  Seriously!!  :)  It is kinda freaky, funny that I have these "virtual" bloggy friends who I truly love and think about on a regular basis.....While vacuuming the floor, washing dishes, folding laundry or even while schooling my all come into mind.  I had a thought of doing a blog post on my bloggy friends.  Maybe in the coming months.....we'll see.  :) has been interesting over here in the country.  Very different environment than I am used to.  I love the tranquility of it all and being nestled in amongst 3 acres of land.  I can see cows grazing outside my window.   Two little goats eating up the grass right next door, right up next to their bright red barn.  In my view are rolling hill