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Designed Destination's been some days since I last posted.  I really haven't had the desire to blog and I haven't had much time to sit and visit all you bloggy friends.  Sorry about that!

Yesterday, was not a good day. You know....this sometimes hits me like a wave.  I'll have really good optimistic days (as I call them), up days...happy days.  Then there are those days where I feel like everything around me is about to come to ruin.  This is when the Lord speaks to my heart in ways only He can.  I know that He would never let me go.  Even in the midst of feeling despair.....(And that's what it is....a "feeling") He is ever so merciful and so forgiving and brings me right back on His course for my life. Thank God for that. 

Anyway....This whole journey is making me look at what is "our purpose" in all of this.... plus what is the purpose for this life we are living.  Sometimes I can get so downright pessimistic about this journey.  When I am feeling this way I begin to "compare" my life to others.  NOT GOOD!!   Just yesterday I was thinking of other women who seem to have everything good going for them.  I then became mad thinking and wondering how I might have "messed up" my life with my emotions and why does life go so perfect for some and not for me.  Yuck!!  I know!!  Not good thinking

But dear sisters,  I received a word saying not to look at everyone's life and journey because God has a specific plan and purpose for EACH individual.  I know this is common knowlege for most and for me also, but sometimes we need to hear it again and again.  Yes....Everyone is on their own course.  

I need to rejoice for the roads, whether bumpy or smooth, or the mountains, whether small or large, the Lord has me to take or climb.  Everyone else is on their own designed destination, planned and orchestrated by the Lord.  We are never promised a smooth sailing and "perfect life" but he throughout reminds us that He will never leave us nor forsake us.

Now the enemy of our soul is standing right in the ditch of these roads or in the caves of the mountains, waiting for a chance to pounce on us or distract us from this very course.  He may do it with deception, lies, feeding us feelings of envy and jealousies, making us regret, have self-pity, tempt us into comparisons, etc...  He loves it when we as women are "hormonal" and this is his opportune time to take advantage of us when we are at our weakest.

The Lord continued to speak and said he was holding my hand during this road and many times (lately) he is carrying me in His arms even as a little child kicking and screaming, afraid of walking down the dark path.   Thank God for a Daddy who loves His children and a Lord who delights to mend. 

The Lord always knows exactly what to say and when to say it.  He loves me unconditionally....even when I mess up and am a big BRAT.  He is ever so merciful and He is so longsuffering.  Wow!!  How great is His love towards His children. 

Wow....I am actually feeling alot better typing this post out. I feel like a burden has been lifted. Wow!!  I guess I needed to share with you what I've been thinking and going through.  Thanks for always leaving such encouraging comments.  They leave such a great big smile on my face.  I hope to come by and visit sometime this week to check up on all of you.  Remember that whatever you might be dealing with today...God has it all figured out.  Even when you think there is no hope, His everlasting mercy and love picks you up and makes you whole yet again. 

Sending all my love,

Chris xoxo


You are so "tuned in!" Every time I wake up thinking about you--you post! Thank you! I've been missing you and wondering how you've been. I had some pretty dark days through our year and a half of unemployment, and when I was at my lowest people accused me of all kinds of nonsense. It was so hurtful. The best thing we can do is trust the Lord, cry with our sister's who are crying and rejoice with our sister's who are rejoicing! God has us each on a different path for His own good purposes. We just have to trust him! It's easy to follow the Lord and trust Him when times are good and understandable, but the times of hardship and struggle require faith that is alive and growing and that makes Him so happy to see our faith growing!

You are a great friend Chris and I am so blessed to know you through your blog!

The Lord be with you and watch over you and fill your heart with peace and joy!

love and hugs,
Carol said…
A lovely post, a good word. God is always giving us grace! It was a delight to come across your blog as I was surfing the internet.
Don't you love it when you know God is working on you? I know I do! The refining process is hard, but it is so worth the result, purified hearts, casting their crowns before Him.
Cinnamon said…
Glad you are feeling better. Life is ups and downs isn't it :-)

I like the ups much more but it's in the downs I learn so much more and HAVE to lean on the Lord.

Mikki said…
What a great post!

I love when God just truly pulls us in and shows us morsels of wisdom and direction..

Have a beautiful weekend!
Anonymous said…
WOW! This really spoke to my heart. I think everything you said applies to my current struggles. What a blessed writer you are!

And your comments are so rich as well! I am so blessed to have you as a friend.

Please, please write more frequently if you can.

God bless you!

xoxo Rosemi

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