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A Thankful November...Month in review

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Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving.....

T was the night before Thanksgiving and all through the house the little kids play and the big people chop... Chop what?? The yummy veggies to be put in special recipes.... My in-laws have a tradition on the night before Thanksgiving to gather everyone and chop onions, celery, radishes, potatoes, and whatever else is on the menu.... This is actually my first time participating.  Actually I'm not chopping at all and I don't know if I will... I might chop an onion or two.... I don't know...I guess I may not be participating after all.   hmmmmm..... Am I being a party pooper?? I'm in my little abode typing away and about to get into a nice hot shower.   I just finished doing my chores... Mema and I were out shopping for our goodies for tomorrow.   The crowds were ok...they weren't to bad know how we all say NEVER SHOP the day before Thanksgiving.... Well we did it!! Tomorrow will be out first Thanksgiving we actually spe

I should be sleeping....

Why should I be sleeping.... Well you might think it's the morning or the middle of the day... it all depends on when you are reading this post.   Well I should be sleeping because it's acutally about midnight.   So how does this effect your reading....does it make you sorta sleepy like I am? Not having sleep or being so tired makes me giddy and loopy a bit.   The kids love it and think it is the funniest thing because I'll say weird things.  So how do I act when I need to be sleeping... I start to act really, really silly. Like maybe I had a few drinks. I drink?    Actually I haven't touched any wine in quite a few months.   Now please.... PLEASE.... if you think I'm some sort of alcoholic....oh please don't think this!!    When I say I have had wine in the's when I have a glass with dinner...on occasion or maybe when I cook with dinner...but it depends on what I am making.   You know what I think is really unbeliev


Wow...I can't believe it has been longer than a week since I posted anything.  Actually the last post was really a prayer request for one of the local mothers in my small town.  Oh what a week of sadness.  I continue to think of this mother and just pray for all of them, including the firefighters who were doing the rescues.  I have found myself shedding a few tears now and then.  I just can't even imagine how she is even getting through with it all. The town has been so supporting.  They have raised money by having a fish fry.  They had a candle light vigils.  The local cemetery donated 8 plots to their family.  All funeral services were covered in full.  The largest church in town opened their doors to have a memorial service for them.  I wasn't able to attend but read and heard all about it.  The house still remains all charred and in ashes.   The saddest thing of this whole ordeal was reading on how the firefighters were not able to rescue the boys out of the home bec

My heart is sad...

Last night a local family in our small town lost 5 of their children to a house fire.  This was just down the road from where we are currently living.  My heart totally aches for this family.  I don't know much about them other than what I have heard from the new reports.  I am assuming she was a single mother because there was no mention of a father in the home.  I think it said she was staying with her mother (the children's grandmother) and her younger sister (the children's aunt--a 21 yr. old) My husband was driving home from work late last night when he saw police cars speeding by.  All he could do was pray not knowing there was a family being lost to a fire that very moment.   We didn't find out what happened until this morning.  From what I read was that they think the space heater caused the fire.  The home was an older wood-framed house probably without central heating.  The mother and grandmother were in their bedrooms and escaped through their bedroom win

Outside my Window...

Here is our October in review...  I always love to put our pictures together at the end of each month.   This makes me appreciate and be thankful for the memories I make each and everyday.