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Month in Review-January Fun

Here is a glimpse of January!! Lots of fun things happened.   Kole's 5th birthday! Ana's 2nd Birthday! Justin began his college application process....His future is bright!   I am so excited for him.  Make a slideshow design

Trials and testing...what is your response??

H as it been that long since I've posted oh my!!  I guess I haven't "made the time" to blog lately, let alone really spend much time on my computer.  Life raising my family can be big rush.   Between homeschooling and mothering, my hours are consumed with family life.  All good of course... I've been meditating alot on what took place this past year.  Not that I want to go back and retrace my foot steps but I wanted to evaluate what I learned from this past year's trials.  All I know is that last year was a year of pruning in my life.  Ouch and double ouch...!!   Sadly the Lord revealed to me that  my responses didn't please Him.  As I stand back and re-evaluate I realized that I definitely do not want to respond that way again.  I bet you are all wondering.....hmmmm, what does she mean by her responses."  What I mean is that when I went through the trials, did I respond with faith and love.....With hope and Joy?  Absolutely no

A New Year!!!

Happy New Year all!!   Hoping all my bloggy friends have been enjoying their new year thus far.   I have!!   There is lots to share but I'll make it quick.   Donnie started his new job this week and we are so very, very happy to have him home again in the evenings for dinner and in helping me with the children.   I didn't think I was going to miss his presence in the evenings but I really did.  The days have been flying by during the day.  It has been nice to get back to a routine (sorta...ha ha).   It feels nice to know when to expect him home and then I can prepare as such.   His new job is a great fit for our family.   The hours are 8:30am to 5pm.   This job is selling advertising to publications, so all of his job is at the driving around everywhere as he did with other sales jobs.   Thank God!!  We get to save on gas...Yahoo!!   This month is a bit slow for him since he's training but it will soon pick up momentum.  Also... I am so glad we'll hav