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Turn that TV off!!

Finding time to blog has been a little tough lately.  I don't know why.  Maybe it's because I feel I don't have anything good to share but then again that would be totally out of character for me because I am one of those women who can talk your ear off for hours and share with you my life story.  Truly!  So.....not having anything to say is just a big excuse.....ok so maybe it is finding the time. 

As of late, I've been really, really striving to do the best I can in being a good steward over my time, children, and homemaking.  My heart's desire is to have an orderly home, orderly children, and a peaceful atmosphere. There are those days where I dream of being in a place where life is a bit simple....where I don't have modern technology like computers, tv, game systems trying to grab the attention of my children.  I don't know why this is so easy to "default" to when a "break" is needed or when I need some "alone time" or just to gravitate towards that "entertainment" for the children when they cry out "I'm bored". 

I gotta admit....I hate this about myself.  I grew up watching television and being entertained by the world's ways.  I don't want my children to desire these things but then again....I am allowing it!!  You's my fault....I am letting them entertain themselves with these gadgets.  Now..... I am not saying that TV of itself is a bad thing.  I think it is fine in moderation and yes, maybe even some video games , but all the not good!  I'm sure many of you would agree.

The other day, I spent a wonderful time chatting to a wonderful friend of mine who I admire so much.  She is younger than I and has younger children but she seems so wise above her years.  I love chatting with her because I leave so encouraged.  She does such a great job mothering her children and devoting much time to their growth and development.  One thing she doesn't have or rarely does she let her children do tv or play video games.   She fills their time with wholesome activities such as knitting, drawing, creating, crafting.  Yes....all those lovely things many of us should do more of.  

So in our conversation, she said this which I would love to share with you all:

All to often I think people have kids as side objects or cute things, almost as if they were a hobby...they want to keep their fancy lifestyle with all the bells and whistles of corporate or singlehood and have pretty little kids on the side.... instead I look at them more as a career....something that you take on that requires the best that you have for the time that you have them. I feel like it is our duty to give them the very best of every thing you can (and I certainly do not mean material goods) but of yourself, knowledge and home....that being said we will have the ultimate evaluation from our Lord one day and that is enough to make me strive my hardest each and every day to do my very best at this "career" I've chosen....although I always feel I fall short and every day I wish I would have done something or said (and sometimes not said something) differently....but that's what so wonderful about our Lord is he knows our hearts and he forgives us when we are wrong...So i guess mainly that we should put a lot more thought into what we do with our kids, how and what we teach them, what they are exposed to, how much time we give them of ourselves.....

And she definitely puts a lot of thought into what she does as a mother.  I love this about my friend!  

I loved what she said on being accountable to the Lord one day on how we raised our children and how and what we imparted.  This should bring us all to our knees as we meditate and ponder on how our days are structured.  When I come face to face with my Lord, I want to Him to say that I did what He wanted me to do.  Meditating on this truth brings me to strive  more and more to be the best steward I can possibly be for my children's sake.  I have gifts that God has entrusted me with and I want to take good care of these little ones (no matter how big they are getting) to teach, train, and instruct them to become the best they can be in the eyes of God.  

So dear ones, be encouraged to do your best today.  If you mess up (and I do lots during the day...ha ha) God is so gentle as He leads us mothers.  Even when the desire to turn the tv is so strong, choose to turn them onto a productive activity that will build their character and grow their intelligence.   I have to remind myself this everyday.  And trust me, I am preaching more to myself than anyone else....ha ha!  

If you have anymore encouraging words as to how you manage without turning the tv on.  Let me know.  With the more children in the home, it sometimes can be an easy babysitter, especially when you are trying to get things done around the house or schooling the older kids.  What do you do to keep the little ones "entertained" during those times?  I would love to get some input and maybe do a post on it. 

Ok...gotta run and care for my tribe!  

PS...oh and I wanted to say remember there are seasons in your life where maybe you will do things you would have never thought you would dare do...but remember these are seasons.  I am one to flip-flop in seasons. God knows my heart..... even when my life seems so overwhelming.  Seasons are good and they teach us so, so much.  So about this post on TV watching....yeah, those seasons come and go.   There are seasons of NO tv and there are season where we watch to much PBS kids or Dora.  ha ha!

Blessings to you all...

Chris xoxo 


Unknown said…
Thats for sure that tv and video games are definitely a time stealer. And in some cases, even character ruining. My hats off to you for your determination to keep it at a minimum. You will be so blessed in doing so.
momto9 said…
It becomes even harder to balance once some of those kids are teens...cause the do not want to go to the playground, paint, color, bake cookies (well sometimes:) string beads, play blocks, run around outside, etc etc.....when they arent working or with friends they just want to watch TV or go on the ocmputer.
So it's EXTRA challenging to still do those thigs for the little ones so they arent glued to what the big kids are doing sonce those things are years off for them yet! Ugh...its a challenge. I'm glad the TV is downstairs where I can close the door and my younger kids can still have a life! I'm also glad for WORK my older kids can go to and be productive so they arent complete couch potatoes!:)
Great Post Chris! Your friend is very wise! What a great encouragement! I've already told my children that once the weather is nice they will outside ALL. THE. TIME!

The's so nice to be able to pop a movie in, but the truth is they play so much better when TV isn't an option. If I'm on a No-TV rant, and they are whining about being bored, I give them jobs to do! It doesn't take long before I have a clean house and they are inspired to go play or do something productive! lol

So glad to know you are alive and well! I miss your blogging!

NO baby here yet...any day now!

love and hugs,
Coby said…
I've been having some similar thoughts lately - about how I spend my time. I want to make the most of this life God has given me!

My kids don't watch much TV, but sometimes I do feel the pull to just set them down and have them watch a show so I can get something done.

One thing I'm trying to do more of is have them work alongside me. If I'm dusting, I give them a rag and have them do the low shelves. Or they help empty the dishwasher, and one of my twins LOVES to help me cook and stir things at the stove.

I've also been trying to institute more routines, e.g., after the breakfast dishes are cleared, we go in the living room and have praise and worship time; after lunch they play outside for awhile, and while the baby naps they have at least 20 min. of quiet time (playing quietly, or reading). It's not perfect, and some days it doesn't go as planned, but it sure is helping our day!
Good post friend! Missed reading you for a while when I was stuck in Facebook land. I'm back now. And glad for the "season" to be OVER. Blessings!
Mikki said…
Great post.
I too watched a lot of TV, not I think my thing/problem is the computer.. don't know which is worse..LOL.
Anonymous said…
I know, it's sad. I watched allot of TV too and I never the things I could do creatively. My mother worked and went to school. I stay home and am not sure what to do sometimes. I'm careful about what they watch and try to not let them watch for too long.

Good for you on teaching yourself to knit. I don't like to teach myself stuff because then I have to really slow down and be patient and follow instructions. I learn better with a teacher.

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