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May 2011: Friendship Smiles--Our month in review

Posting my monthly slideshow.  I had a really great month.  I just love putting this together.  It brings everything back into perspective and it is BEAUTIFUL!!! Remember click somewhere in th middle of the box. This free picture slideshow made with Smilebox

One Thousand Gifts

It has been quite sometime since I wrote anything truly from my heart.  I feel I have avoided typing anything meaningful lately.  Yes.... I do post my monthly slide-show but that's about it.  Yes.... I have been busy keeping up with schooling,  chasing the kids around, keeping them on top of things... or is it.... I am keeping myself on top of things.... hmmmm.  I guess both.  There are many days where I feel like life just moves.... When I am doing, going, not really thinking..... But then again, I am....ALWAYS....thinking of life I know....that....I am...  Always in thought, yet not always in serious prayer.... Thinking of what God is revealing in my heart. the secret place of my heart. I guess this is where I fail at times... NOT completely giving my heart in audible prayer. So...  does thoughtful,quiet prayer count in a Christian's life? I am one who ponders on God and prays continually in heart and thoughts  but many times these pray

Captivated in April!!

Here is my monthly picture slideshow I put together to remember beautiful moments during the month. April was a refreshing month where each and everyday I was captivated by the love of God and my family. If you can't see the main screen of this slide show just find the center of the square....for some reason it shows "white" or blank....but if you click around the center area you can view it. A picture slideshow by Smilebox