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Dusting off the Keyboard

Yes it has been a long time since I blogged.        Why? I don't know exactly.   I guess I just never made the time to type away my thoughts of life and such.  And of course just the busyness of raising eight children.  This can take a bit of time. There is always some sort of  question asked,  problem to solve,  teen issues to handle,    bickering to break-up.         But.... There is always time for fun!!       Enjoyment!! Everything nice! I've decided that if I make my posts short and sweet,  with meaning, maybe I will make the time to blog.   It's sort of like jogging  (something I have been doing for some months now). Just the thought of going jogging  and the time it will take to run those miles..... it makes you not want to jog at all.   That's how I've felt with blogging.   I tend to be long winded and want to write EVERYTHING on my mind 

My First Post in Two Years

Its been two years since I've posted last.  Wow.  Time sure flies. I am sure I have lost most if my bloggy friends. Those who haven't lost hope and your thoughts have been "when is she coming back" or "what ever happened to joyful mother?" Lots of growth, and learning of Gods love  and grace. Boy have I changed my thinking from my old days. I feel so free today. Free in so many ways.  I won't go into all the details of the past two years however I do want to let all of you know today was the first day for my kids in school. Yep. I am no longer a homeschool mom.  Lunches packed.  Supplies in their packs,  Donning pressed school uniforms. Loaded up in the van.  Smiles.  Butterflies in their bellies.  Not sure what to think.  "What!  Mommy comes back in the afternoon?  "How long is that?" Kisses goodbye.  Tears in this momma's eyes.  Chris