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It's My Birthday Anyway!!

It's my 45th birthday today. Here's what I did...

Awoke at 6:30

Started the oatmeal

Started the coffee. 

Woke up the kids. 

Several times....more than three

Received 9 birthday greetings

some kisses, some hugs, some quick 
"happy birthday mom..I should have planned something"'s like that sometimes

I know they love me!

made some lunches for the 4 youngest

one of the older ones says "can you make mine...?"

couldn't find baby girl's sneakers...what's new're wearing your glittery dress shoes for PE

The older girl drives them to school because it's Senior long lunch and needs the van

bonus for need to rush out this morning. 

Sat on the couch

took a deep breath

sipped on my Cafe con Leche from my favorite Latin restaurant

Donnie brought it home this morning....


turned on the tv

watched a few minutes of Good Morning America

while stalking Facebook posts....

Shed a few tears 

felt loved by friends near and far


 REVAMP my family blog...

turned on Michael Buble Christmas 

yikes...I still don't have one Christmas decor up...

not sure what to do

pulled up my 3000 plus pictures and my blog....

Sat at my computer til lunch.

Donnie whisks me away for treats


"honey...I look like crap..."

Who cares...I'm FREE and It's my Birthday...and I'm 45 by golly!!

Let's go...

Moe's or Relish...nothing fancy

not for me

I always tell Donnie he should be thankful 
I'm not high maintenance

 bathing suit, flip flops, a change of clothes, cabernet, chill music
that's all i need...

Relish it is!

Looked around and there was a quiet crowd...
no one drinking beer this early. 

What will they all think if I order a beer..??

who cares...






planned our christmas getaway in search of snow...
will we find it?

The weather channel says it's gonna be quite warm this christmas?

Maybe we'll end up in Maine...

I've always wanted to visit Maine and see whales...

But...I really don't like the cold so not sure how i'll do cold already. 

Finished up lunch

now home, typing away on my blog 

mom calls me 

not through my regular phone
but through Facebook messenger on video...

wow..hi mom....look at you being cool like that!

she likes to talk...

and so do i. 

Buble serenades in the background

he visits on my birthday sometimes...
shh...don't tell donnie 

guess what mom..I gotta go...the house is a mess and 

the kids are on their way...


it's almost that time when the door swings opens and there's
 yelling, laughing, complaining, sharing....

"guess what mom..." 

and so it's here another birthday...
I love my life...I really do

Especially at 45

and I think about living to 105...
As old blue eyes says in his song "Young at heart"...

"And if you should survive to be a hundred and five
look at all you'll derive out of being' alive
and here is the best part, you have a head start
If you are among the very young at heart"


Faye Stine said…
Love you, Chris! This is so YOU! I love the visuals as I read, because I could "see" it all. Have a blessed day and know you're deeply loved and highly favored by our Daddy!

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