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Therapy Blogging....

My blog is a place of therapy for me.'s therapeutic for me. So why the heck wouldn't I use this platform more often? Does that mean...I've been having some good no need for "therapy blogging"? I don't know...actually Anyhow... Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.  UP Michigan Christmas 2016 I decided to type today because I don't feel like going on Facebook and sharing my life because there is always so much stuff going on in my mind that some of my friends would : unfriend me love me more hate me more think I had the best life ever roll their eyes think I had serious issues why don't I ever like their pics she posts to many pics why haven't I seen Chris lately did she leave the church... I like her...she's so sweet She's not really that organized She shares way to many posts.... I guess I could go on...but why really?   This bl