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Island Life

It must be a blissful life when you can live on an island.   There are no cares, worries, or agendas to follow.  A place where you can just lay on the shore in the cold water of February and feel the warmth of the sunbeams on your face. Then there's the s earch for sea shells   and funny looking sea creatures... There is an internal joy of just letting go of stuff,  responsibilities of the "real world"  to experience a sense of freedom A freedom to just be to fly to laugh to act goofy or to just sit and think!! Lately I've been doing a lot of thinking,  pondering,  reflecting... I've been in a season of solitude.   sometimes a mama needs to do that  to realize what matters most in life. Why is it that life becomes so demanding sometimes?   I think there's an invisible expectation of what should be accomplished. Maybe it's  certain career goals, a social stat

On the Road Again...

Traveling has been on my mind lately...but not just to travel but to "live in travel".  I've been thinking alot about us becoming location independent and just letting God and life lead us to where we should live.  It excites me to think about the possibility of it coming to pass.   Could we actually do this? Where would we go? I've told Donnie that I've been thinking of staying in every one of the 50 states in 50 weeks.... umm...ok maybe not exactly every 50 but the lower 48.   I think if I ended up in Alaska or Hawaii....I'd have to extend my stay just a bit.   I actually had this conversation with him a few months went like this:  Me :  So I was thinking me and the kids would camp in our tent in every state in 50 weeks? Donnie :  Huh?  What?  Did I hear you right? Me:  Yeah...there are tons of families that do this all the time.  I would homeschool and we would live in our tent while moving every wee