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Traveling Tuttles: Two Tents....Ten Days

Yes...We did it!!  We survived living in tents for 10 days!  It was a little challenging at times but through it all we remained strong with a few complaints while building strong bonds.       Our first destination was to Nashville!  Country music blares from everywhere you go.  From car windows, the street performers on Broadway, in the Grocery stores and the Opry Mills Mall.  It's a very lively city!  We stayed at Seven Points Campground, nestled in Hermitage, Tennessee...where Andrew Jackson's Hermitage is located.  It's about a 20 minute drive into downtown Nashville.  We arrived to a very wet campground.  Try setting up tents when it's raining?  Yeah...we tried.  And good thing Donnie accidentally brought the extra basket with extra towels.  I used those to dry the wet tent.  We then put a halt to setting up and we went out for pizza while waiting for the rain to die down.  Once the skies cleared a bit, we finished pitch

The Traveling Tuttles

This Saturday we leave for Nashville and then take a little detour in to Alabama.  All this for Donnie's remote s ale's coaching job.  If you weren't aware, Donnie's now working for a  company called Southwestern Consulting based in Nashville, TN. Having a remote job has been something I had prayed about for years now.  Giving us the freedom to live and travel anywhere our hearts desire. (happy sigh...)   wanderlust....    wander...full.... Nashville!  Donnie has been there but we haven' I'm super excited to see the country music capital of the world!  Oh....and we're camping!  Yeah!  Again!  Eek!   Well...right now that's the way we roll with a limited budget.  A couple tents, a few air mattresses, a cooler, blankets, flashlights.....yeah...I think we can make do for 10 days of travel. I just love the fact of picking up and just going.  W e can literally travel anywhere now that Donnie has this new job and the k ids n

My "Not So Crappy" Life...

Please oh please bear with me.  there might be a few typos.   no caps and maybe some punctuation missing.   but bear with me.    I just feel a little.... i don't know... just a little blah? overwhelmed?   you get my drift?   if you've never been there before...then you're friggin perfect! sigh. another sigh. Here I am...sitting at my computer.... drinking a glass of cabernet... the late afternoon sun casts a shadow on my wall from my view it looks so a door leading to a place that's filled with wonder... a place where no stress. the door to a peaceful place,  where only i can escape to. "Ok...lady...wake up...  get down to what's really going on!!" Oh...actually, nothing really.  But not gonna write anything of "value" really.'s one of those days...some week.