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Traveling Tuttles: Our Campaign as you read last time, we are planning on leaving around March 15, 2017.  eek!!

Yeah, that's when our lease ends. We've actually been renting for quite sometime.  We were once home owners:  Had a little house that was about 900 square feet, 3 bedroom, 1 bath home, purchased in 1999...
"They say two thousand zero, zero, party over,
Oops, out of time!
So tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1999!

Oops...Sorry, the Prince song came into my headSold the little house in 2004.  Speaking of 1999...Hey do you all remember Y2K? Geez...I feel like it's Y2K right now with this ridiculous election.  


Anyway...not going there at all. 

Ok..where were we?  We bought a "big house" back in 2004. Our cookie cutter house was about 2,300 square feet, 3 bedrooms, a bonus room and 2 bathrooms.  Remember how in 2004, home purchasing was actually a good thing?  Lower interest, etc. etc. 

hmmm...similar to 2016.'m not sure what stupidity we were walking in back then.  Probably thinking we had to be at a standard of living by the time we were in our 30's...  I was 33 in 2004, pregnant with our 5th child Galen who absolutely needed his own nursery.  Oh boy!!  (eye roll here)  Donnie was about 30. I guess some of the people in our circle, around our age were already in their nice homes and gosh darn it....I wanted mine....boohoo!  Oh gosh...I was such a baby.

Not to make a sad story long.  Actually everyone knows what happened to the economy during that time? And some know what happened to our income.  Don't need to bore you with the details.  By 2006 we were PRAYING for Jesus to return or for our house to sell.  Thank God it sold!! Although....I would have been fine with either...Hehe!! ;) 

And yes...while living in that house, we had our 6th child in 2006; our son Kole Freedom was born!  His middle name being a very foretelling or prophetic  of our lives today. 

So yes...We've been renting homes since 2006.  Renting isn't a big deal for us anymore.  I actually prefer it right now.  I like the idea of being free.  I don't like the thought of material things holding me down.  

Once upon a time, I dreamed of owning a gorgeous home in the country, etc. etc (I don't know....maybe one day we will).  But for now I sure like the freedom of NOT having a home and many material things holding us down.  

And speaking of material things....

I started going through our things this week.  I picked up a few boxes from that recycle dumpster behind Trader Joes and Best Buy.  I walked through my house and thought it should be easy.  Then I became extremely overwhelmed when I looked at my bookshelf.  I don't know what we'll do with them?  They feel like treasures but I really can't take them all.  I think I'll keep a few, sell what I can, while most will be donated.  

The reality of our transition is starting to hit me.  I'm excited but sometimes I get a overwhelmed with the thought of selling most of our things.  Storage isn't something we'll be paying for.  We don't want another bill.  Plus to our advantage, we don't have much in our home to begin with, so replacing our things is not a big deal.

Our plan is to be as mobile as possible.  We'll probably purchase a tiny trailer we can pull with our vehicle.  We have to be very thoughtful as to what we can take, lugging box upon box of books isn't feasible.

The more I think on the logistics of being location independent the more I realize we have to live on purpose.  Yes...I'm more of a free spirited chick that sorta goes with the flow, however the other side of me likes what to expect. 

Donnie and I have been discussing the strategy. Yes..Donnie now works from home when making his coaching calls, however he still needs to sell coaching services.  We haven't necessarily worked out all the kinks but I know it will fall into place, God willing. 

One thing we've settled is on the length of our stay in a certain location.  For Donnie to gain some sort of momentum with bringing on new clients we are looking to stay at least three to four months in each location.  This will be determined on a few things. 
  • How much time is needed on a certain campaign?
  • How much we like the location?

We are calling each stop at a new location a "campaign".  Just the meaning of a campaign makes it more exciting: a systematic course of aggressive activities for some specific purposeWe come in...set up camp and help Donnie as much as we can. This isn't just Donnie's "job",  this is a family affair. 

We assist and help in anyway we can.  We help him achieve his goals, so we can make our family goal of full time travel a reality.


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