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Thanksgiving at home: First time in 18 years

Let's just say that we didn't plan to spend Thanksgiving at home this year. I think the last time we celebrated in our own home was back when Moriah was a baby.  Yeah...that's about 18 years ago or so.  Let me tell you....W e absolutely loved it! Here's a little run down on how our plans were miscommunicated. You see...Donnie and I didn't communicate our Thanksgiving plans very well this year.  He had forgotten that we had spent Thanksgiving with his side of the family last year so that meant it was time to drive up to Jacksonville and spend time with my side of the family.  With not much talk of our T hanksgiving plans, I hear from the kids that he t old brother or dad not sure who that we would be heading down to see them Thanksgiving.    This conversation happened just a few weeks before Thanksgiving.  Kids: Hey where are we going for Thanksgiving this year? Me: Ummm....I think it's Jax.   One of the kids:  I thi

Unrealistic Demands and Expectations

The other day I decided to ask Galen and Kole to join me on my daily jog.  I normally like going solo because my jog time is time.  My time to mentally escape.  I usually go for a nice hour walk, stroll, jog.  I listen to my favorite podcasts, and enjoy escaping in my thoughts.  On this particular day the boys came along.  They didn't disturb me with the many questions they usually have.  They didn't do much talking with each other either.  They rode their bikes quietly a bit ahead of me. There were a few things that caught my attention during this quiet hour.   I realized that I tend to get very focused on a task at hand, whatever that task may be...usually household chores or de-cluttering.  I have this thing about wanting everything just right before I can truly enjoy things.  I know it sounds pathetic but I usually play that mind game of when the house is "straightened" or clean then I truly feel a sense of accomplishment and enjoy "life&quo

Why I almost DIDN'T Vote!'s been a circus.  I deliberately stayed away from listening to anything regarding this election.  Call it ignorance.  Call it stupidity.  Call it wis e . the owl who came into our pool enclosure I felt I didn't need to fill my mind with hate from either party.  I got enough of it from Facebook, social media outlets I happened to stumble on, from relatives, from friends, from commercials...should I continue. I didn't want my mind to be consumed with this circus.  Through out this whole election process, my views had been that both candidates are absolutely flawed in many ways.   And yeah...they both have positions I can agree with.  Moriah bought herself a record player for her 19th birthday Honestly, when I first heard Trump was running I thought he was put in there by the democrats just to see what the Republicans would do.  Yeah...yeah...I sometimes think conspiracy.   Call it crazy? Oh gotta have fun with it, righ